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At jaipurdrycleaners, we dry clean everything from drapes and wedding dresses to all types of clothing that include shirts, ties, socks, shirts, and suits, etc. We clean all type of fabric material such as cotton, nylon, and polyester, silk, rayon, leather, and furs, etc. The first step involves pre-inspection of the fabric, we check for any wear and tear, missing buttons and existing stains. After that, our trained professionals carefully examine which detergent can be used on a specific fabric. This is to ensure that your fabric is handled with great care and non-toxic solutions.

Our highly trained professional team ensures that your fabric is free from any grime and stain. We are expert in removing hard stains from your fabric. The garments are sorted by color and fabric content before dry cleaning. Our eco-friendly wash and iron process help to give your fabric a seamless immaculate finish.